Here’s the new Doom running at 200 FPS on the Nvidia GTX 1080

Smooth as silk

Nvidia’s new graphics cards are beefy. We learned at last week’s reveal that they perform better than the $1000 Titan X and cost several hundred dollars less. It’s a fine development for the PC gaming crowd.

One way to put into perspective what the GTX 1080 is capable of would be to show it running a popular upcoming game. That’s what id Software did with Doom. We’ve seen plenty of Doom footage in recent months, but never like this.

In this presentation, Doom runs between 120 FPS and 200 FPS at 1080p with V-Sync disabled. It’s an impressive feat, one that’s probably not able to be properly appreciated with semi-distant off-screen video. Still, it certainly looks good. And, it should be fast enough to placate those people who say the new Doom is just too slow.

Brett Makedonski
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