Here’s the first look at Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3

Clementine returns

Telltale has revealed a new snippet of footage for the third season of their Walking Dead series set to debut this fall, and yep, it sure looks like a Telltale game.

Here we see Clementine and another, clearly friendly partner. In the short teaser that has just two lines of dialogue, the scenario seems to entail “marked zombies,” with the duo on the way to an undisclosed location. Clem looks a little more worn in the teaser, hardened by everything she’s experienced so far.

I know people were down on Season 2, but I really enjoyed it, and I’m glad they’re continuing the journey of Clementine this way. Maybe she’ll meet her end in a future season just like Lee and pass the torch to another generation? It seems fitting, that’s for sure.

Anyone else getting a big Hanna-Barbera vibe from the art style? I hope Vincent Van Ghoul makes an appearance.

Chris Carter
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