Here’s the first look at Life is Strange 2’s gameplay

Call ’em the Sonics ’cause they’re ditching Seattle fast

Dontnod is officially done teasing and ready to start showing. There was a couple months-long buildup to yesterday’s official Life is Strange 2 reveal (including the free Captain Spirit demo), but now Dontnod is quick to tell us more about the sequel. Today, we get the first look at gameplay.

And you know what? I’m not going to watch it! I’ll gladly post the video while also dutifully informing you that I have no interest in seeing it. I’m going to play this in five weeks’ time and I’m perfectly content to wait to take it all in. I did skip through this video, and it seems to culminate in the event that sets all of Life is Strange 2 in motion. So, there’s that if you want to watch.

However, I did watch the opening seconds — long enough to catch Phoenix in Seattle. Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” is the first track we hear, and it has that perfect indie sound that Dontnod specializes in carefully curating for Life is Strange. Phoenix is good, but trust me when I say that “Lisztomania” is best sung by a children’s chorus.

Brett Makedonski
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