Here’s the Destiny 2 shirt that’s raising money for Australia fire relief

Guardians for Australia

Last Friday, we told you about Bungie’s charitable initiative to sell a Destiny 2 t-shirt and give the profits to Australia fire relief. Now, that shirt is up for sale and you have the option of chipping in a helping hand while bolstering your wardrobe.

Here’s the Destiny 2 Guardians for Australia shirt:

Here’s the shirt’s product page. It’s selling for $25, and Bungie is splitting the profits between WIRES (an Australian wildlife rescue) and NSW Rural Fire Service (which is set in New South Wales where the fires have been particularly bad). Anyone who buys it will also receive the exclusive in-game “Star Light, Star Bright” emblem.

The Guardians down under need our help.

Preorder: Guardians for Australia T-Shirt [Bungie Store]

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