Here’s the best picks from the PlayStation Europe Store Sale

Cheap games. Woo!

PlayStation has discounted a metric crapton of games on the PSN Europe Store from now until the end of April.

First up, Dying Light stars as the Deal of the Week, available until April 22 for €49.99/ £39.99/AU$69.99 (previously €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95).

Unless you’re in Germany. For some reason. Sorry (not my fault. Honest).

There’s also a buttload of Warner Bros. games discounted, including great savings on Batman, LEGO and Mortal Kombat instalments, with discounts ranging from 10 percent to a whopping 75 percent.

If you’ve yet to virtually step into Batman’s world I don’t even know how to talk to you. Thankfully, you can make it up to me — and, more importantly, yourself — by snagging the very excellent Batman Arkham Collection for just £14.50 until April 29.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is 50% off at just £15.00, and all LEGO games — including The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Super Heroes and yes, more Batman in Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Batman 3: Beyond Gotham — boast 30 to 60 percent discounts across an array of titles, including full games, DLC and extra content. 

And it’s not just consoles getting love – there’s plenty of savings to be had on Vita/PSP games, too, including Mortal Kombat (60% off) and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (75% off).

If you’re a PS+ subscriber, you’ll also receive a bonus 10 to 20% discount on all listed prices, as well as the PS+-only offers of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor for £27.49 and Terraria for just £5.20.

For more — and there is more, believe me — check out the PS Blog post

So: what are you going to get?

Vikki Blake