Here’s that chunky Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay trailer running at 60FPS

‘Now properly exported’

After publishing improperly-exported gameplay footage of Amnesia: Rebirth that ran poorly and had some of us feeling anxious about the fast-approaching October 20 release, Frictional Games has since released a 60FPS trailer with a look at “monsters, puzzles, physics, and creepy environments.”

The setting is unfamiliar, and the protagonist comments on her surroundings more than expected – something I’m sure I’ll get used to – but there’s no mistaking it: this is classic first-person horror. Frictional also did something I want these trailers to do – it shows what happens when you eff up.

This footage was captured “over a month ago” and certain elements, like the tank, have since been updated. “So cool how your game always gets a massive quality boost near the end of development.”

I can already tell Amnesia: Rebirth will be an exhausting, nerve-fraying romp. A fine game for 2020.

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