Here’s some SW: TOR Smuggler screens and details

I glazed over the Smuggler class in my E3 Star Wars: The Old Republic preview in order to bring you the full picture of what I saw in the presentation, but thanks to the screenshots of the MMO’s class below, I can now give you a few more interesting details.

As I mentioned in the preview, the Smuggler class is built to be slick and sneaky — a Han Solo-type of character, if you will. The Smuggler won’t have the ability to wear impressive armor and won’t be able to duke it out hand-to-hand. (He can, however, put a boot in an enemy’s nutsack.) You may be thinking he has spectacularly limited battle options, but don’t: this dude can roll with the best thanks to the class-specific cover system.

That’s not all. The Smuggler also has stealth and various cunning capabilities from the start. The class — as BioWare noted in the SW: TOR demonstration — always shoots first. An indication, I believe, that the class will have some sort of fast blasting capabilities. Eat your heart out, Han Solo-non-believers.

Brad BradNicholson