Here’s some info on the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Typhlosion loot, moves, and stats

Typhlosion has physical and special moves

Typhlosion is here in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and with it comes a corresponding 7-Star raid. Anyone who defeats Typhlosion will be able to catch it, so we caught it as we always do. Check out all its stats, abilities, and moves below.

If you need help unlocking this encounter, check out our guide here.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Typhlosion loot list

Here’s everything I earned during my first clear of this battle. As a reminder, you can only catch Typhlosion once while the event is live. However, you can run the battle continuously for rewards.

  • Exp.Candy L x6
  • Exp.Candy XL x4
  • Calcium x5
  • Ghost Tera Shard x20
  • Ghost Tera Shard x10
  • TM114
  • Ability Patch X1
  • Star Piece x2
  • Exp.Candy L x6
  • Bottle Cap x1
  • Calcium x5
  • PP Up x1
  • Exp. Candy L x5
  • Mild Mint

Look at those Ghost Tera Shards, maybe I’ll use them on Annihilape! TM114 (Shadow Ball) and the Ability Patch are only guaranteed to drop once, though more Ability Patches may appear if you continue to farm this encounter.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Samurott moves and stats

Typhlosion sports the Ghost Tera Type, making it similar to Hisuian Typhlosion from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Like past events, it is level 100 and has its hidden ability Flash Fire. Here are its moves:

  • Eruption
  • Shadow Ball
  • Play Rough
  • Earthquake

Here are Samurott’s stats:

  • HP – 297
  • Attack – 204
  • Defense – 172
  • Sp. Atk – 279
  • Sp. Def – 206
  • Speed – 236

Also like past 7-Star encounters, Typhlosion will have the Mightiest Mark. This grants it the title of Typhlosion the Unrivaled.

Does the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Typhlosion count as a Paldean Pokedex entry?

Nope! The Pokedex will stay at a maximum of 400, regardless of how many event monsters you catch. This may change down the line, but for now, Typhlosion doesn’t affect your Pokedex completion.

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