Here’s some in-engine gameplay from BioWare’s new IP Anthem

Big Trouble in Little Destiny

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Today, during the Xbox press conference, EA and BioWare showed off “in-engine” gameplay from new BioWare IP Anthem. The game is a co-op open world RPG, where players team up with their friends to go beyond the walls of an unnamed city to fight robotic enemies.

Anthem has all the hallmarks of a modern shooter RPG: named colored loot, different classes anchored by a decent “all-round” class, and challenging areas that require multiple players. The game will feature exo-suits called “Javelins” that can be customized on a visual and gameplay level, as well as a sick-looking jetpack you can use to fly around the game world.

Sadly, the gameplay trailed lacked any of the BioWare hallmarks, so it’s unclear if Anthem will have any kind of dialogue wheel or romance options.


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