Here’s Resident Evil 7’s launch trailer, don’t watch it

Wait instead

Right here, embedded directly above this sentence, is Resident Evil 7‘s launch trailer. There’s a little triangle button in the video player that you could click to watch it. I’m going to posit (pause it) another suggestion: Don’t watch it.

Resident Evil 7 is very good. It’s full of small moments that are each wonderful, and it all adds up to an entire game that is wonderful. Many of those moments are partially shown in this trailer, just two second spurts of fantastic and terrifying things happening. This likely won’t ruin the experience for anyone, but it’d be best to not think “Oh, just like in the trailer!” when it happens in the game.

Instead, save this video as a postmortem of sorts, a fitting sendoff for a game where so many creatures are post-mortem. Watch it after you finish as something of an incomplete highlight reel. Think “Oh shit, yeah! That part was really cool!” over and over again until you’re tempted to start a playthrough on Madhouse difficulty.

As for us, we’ve done our own postmortem. Steven, Zack, and I recorded an episode of Podtoid with Resident Evil 7 brand manager Tim Turi where we go in-depth talking and spoiling everything about the game. Be on the lookout for that either this week or early next week. But, like this trailer, it’s probably best saved for once you actually finish Resident Evil 7.

Brett Makedonski
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