Here’s our first look at the new Diablo style Magic: The Gathering game

Magic: Legends

Well, when I heard that Wizards of the Coast was creating an “MMO” based on the Magic: The Gathering universe, this wasn’t what I had in mind.

A Magic MMO is a concept that’s been ready for the taking for a few decades now, but it seems as if the “massive” bit of that moniker is going to be pulled back a bit. By way of a Game Informer cover story, Magic: Legends has been revealed as a Diablo style ARPG. Now Wizards did say “action-RPG,” but a traditional action-oriented role-playing game is a bit different than a Diablo Immortal style ARPG: tricky phrasing, Wizards! “MMO” has lost virtually all meaning.

You can get a look at the pre-alpha footage below, which showcases the “five class swap” mechanic and the randomized spells. The wait for a true Magic MMO continues!

Chris Carter
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