Here’s our first look at Harvest Moon: One World

If people forgot how to farm the human race would die quite quickly

Since losing the rights to the BokujÅ Monogatari franchise, Natsume’s Harvest Moon series has had difficulty finding its grounding. The publisher has tried games inspired by Minecraft, a return-to-roots top-down experience, and last year’s delightful Mad Dash spin-off. But it’s no longer the only farming game on the market. With the explosion of the genre from its niche origins, farm sims need to do whatever they can to stand out.

Harvest Moon: One World may be a step in the right direction for Natsume. The game was announced a few weeks ago, and during today’s New Game+ Expo, we got our first look at what the publisher has in store.

It’s a start. Hopefully the rest of the game comes together by the time Harvest Moon: One World launches for PS4 and Switch later this year.

CJ Andriessen
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