Here’s one last look at Nioh 2 before the thing is finally out

This Japanese commercial might be our last glimpse

We’re at the point where I’m just ready for Nioh 2 to hit. It’s out worldwide on March 13: that’s soon! But it was also revealed with little to no gameplay in mid-2018, and outside of a very recent string of demos, we didn’t get any substantial glimpses at it. That changed recently, and that initiative includes this new Japanese commercial.

As always, I’d recommend going in completely blind if you can. Although the clip is only 37 seconds long, it does touch on a few encounters that are best as surprises. Still, if you can’t help yourself, this very brief commercial does deliver the goods and showcase just how crazy Nioh 2 can get. As in, a heavier emphasis on demons, oni and yokai this time around.

Expect our review next week from Jordan!

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