Here’s more sad lonely astronaut concept art from Playdead’s next game

Your guess is as good as ours

There are a few hallmarks of Playdead’s games. They need to feature an oppressive loneliness, a sole wanderer juxtaposed against the crushing danger of his circumstance. They need a striking art style, something that immediately grabs wandering eyes and pulls them in. And, they need to take forever to make.

Going off that rubric, this — whatever it is — is certainly a Playdead game. More concept art has released for Playdead’s third project, bringing the tally up to four images. Here’s everything we know about the next game from the developer of Limbo and Inside: It’s science fiction-themed, and it has the aesthetic of the art that’s embedded below. That’s it.

Playdead has earned our patience, so we’ll just have to wait with curiosity in the front pocket of our spacesuit.

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Brett Makedonski
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