Here’s lots and lots of spoiler-filled Attack on Titan screenshots

Very closely following the anime

Koei Tecmo has released a whole shedload of new screenshots for its upcoming Attack on Titan game. They show off some new playable characters, as well as some more uh… spoilery things.

If you don’t want spoilers, just take it from me that the screenshots look impressive but, unfortunately, don’t really show much gameplay. You’re not missing anything by not looking.

Spoilers for the entire Attack on Titan anime are coming up. You have been warned.

Most of the screenshots revolve around the second half of the anime, with a major focus on the Female Titan arc. It appears that both the initial encounter with the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees and the final fight between her and Eren’s Titan in Stohess District will be playable.

Some new characters can also be seen, such as the Survey Corps’ Erwin Smith and Mike Zacharius. Some more obscure characters will also be available, such as the Military Police members Marlo Freudenberg, Hitch Dreyse and Nile Dok, who appeared for a couple of episodes before never being seen again.

The big thing here (heh) is that you’ll be able to play as Eren’s Titan form, with his own abilities such as destroying buildings and punching smaller Titans away. It’s not currently confirmed as to whether any others, such as the Female or Armoured Titans, will also be playable. Hopefully they are because I’d love to mow down some baddies as the Armoured Titan.

You can view all of the screenshots in the gallery below. The one thing that surprised me was just how closely they seem to be following the anime. Koei Tecmo isn’t afraid of playing with their source material, as can be seen by Dragon Quest Heroes, but plenty of these screenshots are almost perfect recreations of scenes in the anime.

Still, I’m looking forward to this. I love Attack on Titan, and the ability to replay certain battles in it sounds absolutely amazing to me.

Attack on Titan launches February 18 in Japan for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, while Western release dates haven’t been announced just yet. 

Attack on Titan screenshots introduce Titan Eren, Female Titan, more [Gematsu]

Attack on Titan screenshots introduce Titan Eren, Female Titan, more
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