Here’s how you access the Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor expansion

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While there was some confusion as to when the Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s first expansion, Isle of Armor, would actually drop: we can confirm that it is live as of 9:30AM ET, following the recent Game Freak presentation. In other words, it’s live now.

Here’s how to access it!

Although there is reason to be nervous given how many hoops some DLCs require you to jump through, accessing Isle of Armor is painless.

After booting the game up you’ll be greeted automatically with a prompt explaining everything.

Sword or Shield will grant you the in-game “Armor Pass” item, allowing you to access the DLC zone at the Wedgehurst Station near the start of the game.

Just go into said station and show the Armor Pass to the conductor, and your game will take you to the Isle of Armor (yes, a literal island) off to the northeast. A researcher will immediately update your Pokedex to support Isle of Armor creatures.

As soon as you attempt to exit the station, the Master Dojo storyline will start playing out with newcomer Klara. That’s it! It sure beats out having to play an entirely new version of the game from scratch.

Also, don’t forget to buy the right pass! If you pick up the wrong version Nintendo might not give you a refund without a fight.

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