Here’s how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35

Rank up, first

Although Super Mario Bros. 35 has some issues in regards to its endgame, it’s a fun little treat to boot up every now and then and a nice way to dive back into a classic.

One of the things I liked about it was its penchant for tiny little Easter eggs, which includes this newly discovered trick: you can play as Luigi. Sure, it’s just a color swap for the most part, but Twitter user CombotronRobot managed to uncover the secret and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of people talking about the battle royale release again.

There’s basically just one main requirement: you need to be at star rank (level) 100 or above. From there, hold L as you are starting a match (it’s recommended that you hold it until it begins) and bam, you can celebrate the Year of Luigi in 2020.

It’s time to grind!

Chris Carter
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