Here’s how to unlock Dead Cells’ flying pet sword Serenade

In the new DLC, you have to make a trek across invisible platforms in Fractured Shrines to bust open Serenade’s tomb

Outside of the new levels and boss in Fatal Falls, the DLC’s flashiest addition has got to be Serenade – a talkative pet sword who hovers around, marking enemies for critical hits. It’s the Brutality equivalent of the other two summons in Dead Cells: the Mushroom Boi (Survival) and Great Owl of War (Tactics).

I already ran down how to reach Fractured Shrines, Undying Shores, and Mausoleum in a separate guide, but it’s also worth showing where you can find Serenade; it’s super easy to overlook on your initial runs. To quickly get you up to speed, you’ll want to head to the first Fatal Falls level, Fractured Shrines, which you can reach after either Black Bridge or The Nest – just take the elevator up.

Once you’re in Fractured Shrines, lookout for a large room that splits off into four possible directions. One of the paths (in this case, the top-right path) will seemingly stop with a dead end. It’s a trick.

This is the starting point for the secret path.

If you look closely, you should notice rain landing on invisible platforms. Follow them to a secret area.

Vectorman prepared me for these invisible platforms.

You’ll eventually come to a room guarded by a giant enemy – beat it, and the door will pop open. There are a few big-door-guardian rooms in Fractured Shrines, but this particular one leads to Serenade.

These big boys are more intimidating than anything.

Head inside to watch a short sequence and rescue Serenade from its tomb. This sword is a talker.

What does Serenade do, exactly? The power “summons a flying sword that will mark enemies; trigger it again to inflict critical hits on them while holding the weapon, and vice-versa! The sword will vanish after 30 seconds if you don’t hit the marked enemies.” The recipe costs 50 cells at the Collector.

It’s probably not going to stay in my Dead Cells rotation for long, but I’ve enjoyed its company so far.

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