Here’s how to play Halo’s Blood Gulch in Fortnite

Xbox owners have to do a little extra legwork

Blood Gulch is out in Fortnite! Kinda.

It’s not a full-on mode per se like a lot of special events in the past; it’s actually buried inside of the “Creative Mode” section of the game. Naturally, it’s not nearly as populated as one would expect. Here’s how to find it if you’re scratching your head.

Bring up the game selection menu, and hit “Creative Mode.” Dive right into the hub. In the weekly featured portal (a literal portal you walk through to start the match), you’ll find the Blood Gulch map. Easy!

It’s a near 1:1 recreation of the classic Capture the Flag (CTF) level from the original Halo, right down to the actual act of red versus blue flag capturing. The only issue is that it doesn’t feed directly into mass matchmaking, so you’re at the whim of whoever decides to join in via the Creative Mode.

There’s an added issue on Xbox platforms. Right now Epic is dealing with a bug that doesn’t allow Xbox players to access the map at all unless they do a few extra steps. To circumvent this, you’ll need to head to a portal and interact with the console next to it. Then enter the code 9677-6974-5646.

Note that this mode does not have matchmaking at this time, so you’re basically just zoning in to look at the map unless you have friends following you into the portal. Epic is “working on a fix.”

Chris Carter
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