Here’s how to play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT from the ground up

It’s pretty easy to pick up

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Square Enix just put out a very helpful video tutorial on all things Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and if you’re remotely interested in picking it up it’s worth the five minute watch. It not only goes over the 3v3 lobby setup (with a quick look at the character select screen), but even shows the full control scheme and breaks down all of the UI.

As Nick said it looks more hectic than your average 1v1 fighter, but I see a lot of Power Stone-esque craziness in there, which will be a nice break from the competitive tinted scene today. Really, I just want to pick it up and immediately play as Ramza — what a blast from the past that rarely gets any crossovers!

In the meantime outside of the PS4 NT world, Square Enix intends on adding many, many more light and dark characters to the arcade edition — which may or may not arrive as DLC in the future for the console version.

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