Here’s how to get around the Bowser’s Fury map quicker

Use Plessie’s hidden dash power

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is out today, so you can dive right into the “plus” part of that moniker and start enjoying its unique open world framework.

Before you do, though, there’s probably something you should know.

Once you acquire five cat shines, you’ll pick up the ability to ride Plessie around the map like a vehicle. Plessie’s controls are relatively straightforward, but what the game doesn’t tell you is that there is a way to do a super dash of sorts, which can propel you forward to get around quicker; and help you leap to new heights.

To trigger the dash, you’ll want to dive with the Y/X button, then jump (A/B) right as you’re about to come up from the dive. Getting the timing is a bit weird at first, because you’ll want to do it right at the frame where Plessie’s nose is nearly out of the water, but before you actually leap into the air.

It’ll look something like this! A golden aura will appear and you’ll hear a noise indicating that you did it correctly.

Chris Carter
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