Here’s how to blow up green cubes in Journey to the Savage Planet

You don’t need any special tools or abilities to crack ’em open

If you’re anything like me, you won’t want to rest in Journey to the Savage Planet until you’ve found every collectible. At a certain point, probably in the mop-up phase, you’ll need to deal with green cubes.

One of the resources in the game – Alien Alloys – can be used to unlock abilities for your adventurer. Most of these precious items are locked inside treasure-chest-like plants, but a rare few are stuck inside gelatinous green blobs known as Osmotic Cubes. Just how the hell do you crack them open?

You might be tempted to shoot them, kick them, or toss your entire kit of throwable bombs and items their way. No luck. Don’t waste your time. An easily-overlooked clue lies in your Kindex database.

Osmotic Cube

The secret to breaking open an Osmotic Cube is to guide it to either Vitality Plants (specifically, their berries) or alien corpses (which drop aluminum, carbon, or silicon). A cube will vacuum up these resources until it grows big enough to burst, at which point you’ll gain a shiny new Alien Alloy.

Osmotic Cubes won’t harm you, but you will need to guide them along using your melee attacks.

You can do a light slap for a nudge, or hold the attack button down to charge it up and send the cubes flying forward. In one instance, you might also need to do a running slide kick (just sprint and press the crouch button) to get more distance. These things tend to lodge themselves in less-than-ideal places. If that ever happens, you may need to teleport to another area and warp back to reset their location.

When I found my first green cube, I assumed I lacked an upgrade and couldn’t deal with it yet. Hopefully this saves you time. I’m still missing a few entries in my scanner database and it’s driving me nuts.

Jordan Devore
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