Here’s how to access Borderlands 3’s new Arms Race DLC

You might miss it

Borderlands 3 is getting a fancy new DLC pack in a few days.

Okay so maybe it’s not so fancy (it’s some skill trees and a new mode), but it isn’t abundantly clear how to access the Arms Race gametype at first: especially if you miss out on the quick prompt or your quest log is buried with unfinished jobs.

Here’s how to find it on Sanctuary 3.

First, head to the back of the hub ship, to the room with the Quick Change machine: as pictured in the header above.

Then, look to your right. See the poster with Salvador and Axton? That’s your ticket.

If you interact with the poster, it’ll immediately queue up the Arms Race questline.

From there, accept the quest and use the fast travel system to go to the Stormblind Complex on Pandora. You’re done!

I know it sounds simple, but it can be very easy to miss: especially if you load up the DLC with an existing character and have a giant questlog. It can also be easy to forget if you’ve completed the quest already and need to remember where the activity is.

As a reminder, it’s the Stormblind Complex on Pandora!

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