Here’s how the original Shantae was ported to the Nintendo Switch

The port developer breaks it down

Ever wonder how a retro port gets re-released? Wonder no more.

Without diving too much into the weeds, YouTube creator and coder Modern Vintage Gamer just put out a video on their channel that explains just that; in the context of the recent Shantae Switch release. As a reminder, Shantae originally came out on the Game Boy Color in 2002 and was recently brought to Switch. This very breezy 12-minute-ish clip here explains what went into getting it ported.

They note that it came out at the end of the Game Boy Color’s lifespan (the Advance came out in 2001), and in most cases when bringing over an old game, you can either reverse-engineer the ROM, or “resort to emulation;” with the latter being a preferred choice unless you have access to the original source code.

From there, the channel breaks down the innards of the Game Boy Color, and how the emulation community generally “tests” their projects with good old fashioned Tetris, which can even work with “crude emulation.” Modern Vintage Gamer calls this “step one in about 20.” So uh, there’s plenty of work to be done, like making sure the emulation actually measures up to the original hardware.

Breaking it down, the channel highlights how game preservation and the emulation community actually helps developers bring old games back to life. There are myriad tools to experiment with at this point, to essentially stress test the emulation layer. Once all that is done, you can actually start the process of porting to Switch. It’s a lot of work folks!

Modern Vintage Gamer calls this their “first commercial release,” and they are also credited with working with Night Dive Studio and other Limited Run Games titles via their Twitter bio.

Having played it, I can say “job well done!”

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