Here’s how Mythic dungeons work in World of Warcraft: Legion

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World of Warcraft: Legion is out, and it’s pretty fantastic. That’s due in part by the fact that the endgame doesn’t feel like a slog as there’s multiple avenues for gearing up, including questing around the world and multiple tiers of dungeons. Mythics will be a little more interesting this time around, as they can be tweaked heavily to the point where they’re equal to, or surpass raid difficulties.

It’ll require a bit of work though, and Blizzard has explained everything in a new blog post. Basically, from September 20 on (also the date of the new raid) once per week after completing a Mythic dungeon, you’ll earn a Keystone for a random dungeon. This lets you access the next level (think New Game+ in a Souls game), which plusses up the rewards and the difficulty.

You’ll need to actually slot the Keystone into a “Font of Power” in front of the dungeon (meeting up at an actual location is pretty old school WoW) for it to work, at which point a timer will begin for the dungeon (essentially mixing in the old Challenge Mode). To get a new Keystone you’ll need to beat the timer — as you can probably tell, it’ll get tougher and tougher to keep going and eventually you’ll fail. There’s even modifiers at higher levels to make it extra challenging.

I can’t wait to try this out, as I’m item level 830 at the moment and making my way through the normal Mythic difficulty.

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