Here’s how Diablo III’s Necromancer will raise the dead and raze the demons

GIFs do the trick

With blood and bone and a trusty scythe, the Necromancer gets shit done. The best way to prove that to you is with a GIF like this:

Just straight-up exploding dudes from afar. That’s the good stuff.

The Necromancer has more tricks up its sleeve, though. Many more. Blizzard detailed a bunch of new ones over on Head over there to get descriptions of everything that’s happening. We’re content to use more GIFs to show them off.

Grim Scythe:

Blood Nova:


Blood Golum (which has a particularly good animation):


Also, Blizzard showed off the character model for the female Necromancer. (Unlike the Necromancer, we have exactly one trick up our sleeve. Back to the GIFs.)

What does all this mean relative to how soon we’ll get to play as the new class? Well, we don’t know. Blizzard says that it’s still aiming for release in the second half of the year. It’ll hit the Public Test Realm sometime before release, but in a way that’s different from other PTR launches — whatever that means. We also don’t know how much the Necromancer will cost. Lot of mystery surrounding the character who can summon the dead.

Necromancer Update: The Meleemancer []

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