Here’s how Ace Combat 7’s dogfights translate to VR

It’s been a big news day for PlayStation VR

The prospect of playing Ace Combat in virtual reality had me glued to news about Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies for a while there, but I’ve started to move on as of late. It’s been a long time coming!

Today’s trailer from Paris Games Week highlights that particular aspect of the game and it’s good to finally see more of the PlayStation VR-specific gameplay up and running. Ace Combat 7 will have its own VR missions separate from the story campaign, which isn’t necessarily ideal (I’d prefer a Resident Evil 7 situation where it’s the same story content in and out of VR) but it could work out fine.

Ace Combat 7 is still on for 2018 following its delay back in May. (The team needed more time “to perfect and optimize.”) It’s headed to PC and Xbox One as well if you don’t care about the VR stuff.

Jordan Devore
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