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Hey lovable chums! It’s another roundup brought to you by me, produced by you! Yes, you! You did more this month then just [insert socially acceptable activity in past tense here]! You also came to Destructoid, made it a better place with wacky comments, made conversational quick posts and great cblogs!

So pat yourself on the back Destructoid community! Cause I certainly can’t mail my pats through the mail. That stuff is filed under the flammable and explosive clause for the United States Postal Service.

I feel like its been another great month. Plenty of involving quick posts, lots of trending, and some great diamonds in the blogroll. There was even a small trend for cblogs, which back in the day the cblog recaps would call memetoid. Of course a big part of the community buzz came from E3 coming and going with a shocking amount of surprise. From Sony’s press conference to Nintendo surprising us with just how much we’d actually enjoy Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we had plenty to talk about this month even beyond E3’s initial run time.

I also think it’s hilarious we’ve gone past the honeymoon period on qtoid for Overwatch and have started to delve in the usual complaint for team-based, online games: my team of pubbers suck.

Promoted blogs

There were 12 promoted blogs for the month of June, not counting our staple series of Comments of the Week! Go check those out, especially the E3 edition!

One was from the June bloggers wanted prompt, keep it classy. JoyfulSanity talked about how he has more in common with the red mage’s sensibilities for versatility and broad skill sets than he initially thought.

TheBlondeBass, with the help of some our most active community members, gathered their hopes, dreams, and art skills to figure out the stereotypes behind your main choice of character in Guilty Gear Xrd. Except Bridget isn’t in Xrd and supposedly nobody really mains Bedman.

Sr Churros showed us his batch of amateur indie games. Finally the mystery behind his header image has been solved! It’s from Smooch Quest! And speaking of specific games, longtime community member Elsa offered her view on the Witcher 3‘s feminist views while Qalamari’s series of blogs pondered what Pokémon the different heroes of Overwatch would take into a Pokémon battle. Weslikestacos also mused on the possibility of a new, contemporary X-Men game after a bit of a drought since the glory days of X-Men beat’em ups and action games. I still think a VR game from Cyclop’s point of view is a stroke of genius.

TheLimoMaker doesn’t make us limosines but instead a discussion of the right and wrong ways developers can do to translate the seemingly indescribable sensation of horror from iconic writer H.P. Lovecraft. It’s a great read for those who adore the lore of Lovecaft and just what it is that makes it quality writing but also unique.

Two blogs were promoted specifically as opinion pieces. First was Imortallix’s burning question on everyone’s favorite word: entitlement. Specifically, why can’t gamers be entitled to entitlement? Is that entitlement-ception? Then was Jinx’s own levelheaded response to all hubub about the lack of a gender option for Link in Breath of the Wild.

Lastly we have some awesome community oriented promotions that we felt deserved some exposure because they celebrate the community in a cyclical pattern of community awesomeness. First came Overlordzetta’s humongous cblog celebrating the community with 100 different posts, articles, and blogs from all across the site. From Jordan Devore’s Pokémon Blue review to Spielerdad’s troubles with selling games online, this huge, two part blog could be a welcome primer to getting into Destructoid by itself!

Next is the return of Caz, pretty much a part-time Destructoid community member who was promoted before for the zine he produced and shared with Dtoid. This time he gathered other interested community members to help create content for a full on print magazine he calls A Profound Waste of Time.

Lastly comes JuIc3 with a promotion based on upvotes: the importance of community. Life is a roller coaster of accidents and it’s important to have an outlet to express yourself. For JuIc3, that place is Destructoid. Gushes and awes all around everyone!

Notable quickposting trends

Well the fact that Overwatch continued on should come as no surprise. Dancetoid was around for a spell, where everyone shared some choice dancing gifs. I’m sure you can imagine qtoid during that time was an image heavy load on bandwidth for a while there.

Moveitoid and sequeltoid were also a big hit, with community members reminiscing about great movies and video game sequels respectively. But my personal favorite was weapontoid. So many great examples of video game power trips like Bayonetta’s Love So Blue, the M1 Garand, or my personal choice: the Rogue Sedition from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Lastly we had a breakthrough in getting people to celebrate Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary. Not only did we get a few people to make trainer cards sharing their personal favorite teams, we also had a trend of cblogs listing their top 20 favorite Pokémon. From Aggron to Xerneas, community member trainers were celebrating their love of Pokémon with their favorite Pokémon. It was entertaining to see different trainers with different criteria for favorites like cutesy design, nostalgic memories, and competitive viability.

I also suppose we should officially acknowledge that Fridays have become de facto catgirl Fridays on qtoid. So if you wander into qtoid and become bewildered by an onslaught of catgirl pictures, do not be alarmed! That’s just the community showing its love, unabashedly.

The Discord Destruction Report

Fun fact! I run the Destructoid Community Interviews through Discord since many community members use it. If that doesn’t tempt you to get on that craziness then I don’t know what will. This month’s snapshots of Discord are brought to you by LinkSlayer64. Also try using Destructoid’s search bar for ‘Discord’ and see what kind of zaniness just pops up when the usual suspects decide to post screenshots of the insanity.

I also joined Hypno Coffin’s unofficial lewd Discord server, so there’s that. Obviously I won’t be posting any screenshots from that server…

Thanks for the moments Destructoid! I’ll see you next month for another community roundup and lewdness! JUSTIIIIIICE!

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