Here’s another one of these things: $99 Google Nexus console

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Goole goes set-top

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Google’s new Nexus Player is an Android-based $99 set-top game console / video box. Well, disc. It’s round.

Crazy brilliant idea, right?

An Atom processor at 1.8Ghz (quad core), 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage will let you play video games of the Android variety on the Nexus. In Full HD. You’ll need their new twin-stick controller, priced at $39.

Of course, the box will also stream your favorite streaming services, just like all of those other little boxes. It supports 1080p, and it looks like there are plenty of service apps coming to Google Play (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, etc.) for the launch lineup.

The Nexus will launch on November 3, with preorders starting tomorrow. 

This is Google’s take on the little puck for under your HDTV. Does that make it interesting to you? 

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