Here’s another Legend of Zelda 2D animation that’s out of this world good

Beat that Wolfos

Last month I posted a 2D Legend of Zelda animation in the style of a flip book animation from the talented Txikimorin and people went wild over it. A month later and they’re back with another: this time it’s Link versus Wolfos.

Clocking in at roughly a full minute (!) this impression animation takes you through an entire Legend of Zelda encounter, from wandering around a temple to the death of two Wolfos enemies. Watching Link knee a Wolfos in the face looks so satisfying that I wish we had more fisticuffs options in-game.

There’s a really cool factoid behind the video, compliments of Txikimorin: the Deku Nut item was used in the animation because “animating Link and two Wolfos was very difficult, with too many movements happening at once.” Txikimorin says that the item was “a very useful resource for the choreography and they added a nostalgic touch for the player.”

That’s next level stuff! They say that they work as a “3D modeler in videogame cinematics,” and illustrate on the side.

2DAnimation!! –Link on the Forest Temple– Link VS Wolfos!!! from r/zelda

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