Here’s another batch of Pokemon from Black/White

Thanks as always to CoroCoro — and the ever-vigilant websites like Bulbapedia and — we have got ourselves a look at the latest critters in Pokemon Black/White.

Obviously, the pigeon-looking guy is the token lame one of this group. Let’s just get that out of the way, alright? But the rest, though … hmm. Either I’m getting really soft, or the rest of the Pokemon designs are pretty solid. Whatever the case may be, Jonathan Holmes seems to agree with me.

In fact, I really like Hihidaruma, the fire ape with huge eyebrows. The same could be said of Meguroko, the crocodile who looks like he’s just chilling with a new pair of sunglasses. What do y’all think? has more specific details on the Pokemon, while Bulbapedia has the full CoroCoro scans.

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