Here’s an encouraging look at Blighttown in Dark Souls: Remastered

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Visions of hope

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One of the main selling points for Dark Souls: Remastered is a smoother and more stable frame rate, and even though recent footage has been encouraging in that regard, we’ve still wondered how Blighttown would fare given how poorly it ran in the game’s original release. This footage captured by YouTube user Reakor Kacho at PAX East shows a bit of the area on Nintendo Switch.

Even from just this short off-screen footage, you can tell the performance is greatly improved.

I can’t wait to revisit this game — and yes, that even goes for dreary old Blighttown. As much as the dimly-lit zone has a penchant for annoying players with its less-than-straightforward layout and scumbag poison dart shooters, it doesn’t top my most-dreaded list. That honor goes to Tomb of Giants.

I’ve reached a silly point now where I have to talk myself out of playing Dark Souls before Remastered hits in May. Following each and every bit of footage that comes out surely isn’t helping matters.

Reakor Kacho [YouTube via ResetEra]

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