Here’s a roundup of everything Kadokawa Games announced at E3

An update from the multimedia empire

Kadokawa has been around a long time (1945), and has published a number of properties, including the Cowboy Bebop manga (among many others), as well as games like Lollipop Chainsaw (in Japan). It also owns several studios, like Souls creator From Software. Well yesterday they held their own press event in Japan — the only problem was they didn’t actually stream it. So here’s a recap of everything they announced.

Let’s start with the news that’s the easiest to parse — Demon Gaze II is dated in Japan for October 13 on Vita. As a semi-known property overseas, I suspect some people are excited about this news. Next up is God Wars, an RPG that’s set to drop on the PS4 and Vita in 2016, which has a new developer diary that you can watch below (manually turn on English subtitles).

The publisher also announced that PQube will be bringing the visual novel Root Letter west this year for PS4 and Vita. And finally, with what may be their biggest news for Japanese fans, they re-confirmed Project Code: Daten, which was revealed in 2014, will launch in 2017 on the — you guessed it – PS4 and Vita. It’s a dungeon crawler that will heavily deal with a Cthulu theme.

So yeah, here’s a bunch of stuff that a lot of you will probably gloss over until it’s localized, but at the very least you can keep an eye out for Root Letter for now!

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