Here’s a ridiculously expensive Master Chief ring

Ask yourself the following question: Do I love Master Chief? Have an answer yet? Good. Now, if you answered yes, I want you to think really hard about exactly how much you love Master Chief. Is it enough to wear a ring bearing his likeness? Do you need your Halo bling?

Weta in New Zealand has you covered if you do. The above ring is made of 100% sterling silver. Before you run over to the website, credit card in hand, I should warn you that it’s almost two hundred (American) smackers.  Maybe you hold the Spartan in high enough esteem that the price tag won’t make you flinch, but that’s a bit too much for my blood.

If I were going to spend that kind of scratch on a piece of Halo-themed jewelry, I’d want it to be a miniaturized version of an actual Halo. It would have to be glowing in bits and have a carefully balanced eco-system on the interior. And, when I took the ring off my finger at night and placed it on my nightstand, all of the little critters running around on the ring would see my baleful eye and know the true face of God.

I mean, this ring is nice and all, but it doesn’t really compete with the perfectly reasonable standards I have for my accessories.

Conrad Zimmerman