Here’s a PS4 Slim bundle that’s for the Call of Duty players

So it begins

It’s just the beginning of November, but we’re starting to see the sort of price slashing and product bundling that typically comes closer to Thanksgiving. A good example comes from Amazon in the form of a new piece of hardware and a new piece of software.

Amazon is offering a new PlayStation 4 Slim with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for $299.99. There’s an extra pack-in too, as the PS4 ships with a copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The PS4 Slim usually retails for $299.99 so this ostensibly means a free copy of Infinite Warfare.

There’s a slightly more expensive version of this bundle too. For $319.99, it’ll come with the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare instead of the standard one. That means that you get the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster with it. That’s a reasonable markup for those people who balk at the idea of spending $80 for the Legacy Edition and have no real interest in Infinite Warfare.

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 Bundle + Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Standard Edition [Amazon]

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