Here’s a look at the full main cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake all together

With the Mako Reactor in the background

Is this an image from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, or the upcoming remake? I know, it’s tough to tell at a glance.

So it looks like this is the full main cast of the Final Fantasy VII Remake together at least, which a lot of us are collectively calling “Part One,” and takes place in the Midgar portion of the game. While there are zero details on what’s coming next, the cast of Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris[Aerith] and Red XIII are the core players of this first act: this image presumably shows them directly following the events of the motorcycle chase.

Both the US and Japanese Twitter accounts for the game have different resolutions of the artwork, in case you prefer one over the other. As the US account puts it, the remake “is almost upon us.” Following a short delay it’s scheduled for an April release, with an appropriate exclusivity timeline push.

I wonder what episode my main man Vincent will appear in? My party can’t be complete until I have him vamping it up with Cloud and Barret.

Final Fantasy VII Remake [Twitter]

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