Here’s a look at Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Toy Story update

Disney Dreamlight Toy Story

It’s out “this fall”

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A Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update is on the way, and now we have a full-length trailer to see what that actually entails.

Like most character-based things in Dreamlight, it’ll feature new quests (with Woody and Buzz), as well as an additional space to roam around in, and new items. Based on the trailer you’ll enter the new space similar to the other lands in the game (like Moana): through a special door in the castle. This time, the Toy Story realm is symbolized by a drawing of an alien head.

Disney Dreamlight Valley kind of snuck up on me. The Early Access release model + the monetization scheme + Gameloft being involved kept me wary, but after a few positive hands-on impressions, I decided to give it a shot. It’s not bad! There is some free-to-play nonsense baked in, but there’s a lot you can do, especially upfront, in the current build. It’s a different take on the farming/simulation genre in many ways, as it’s heavily tied to quests and key characters, which makes sense for an IP factory like Disney.

In any case, there’s time to shore up some gameplay-related concerns before it launches next year, but I’m not hopeful about the monetization element — especially post-launch.

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