Here’s a little reminder that Little Nightmares II exists

Waking up?

You’d be forgiven if this whirlwind of a year pushed the existence of Little Nightmares II completely out of your brain. Developer Tarsier Studios hasn’t really said anything about it for all of 2020. Publisher Bandai Namco has followed suit.

But, the creepy, grimly-atmospheric sequel is still shaping up. Tarsier gave us some new promo art of protagonist Mono earlier this week, a nice little nudge to serve as a reminder that Little Nightmares II is on the horizon:

However, as far as substantial looks at Little Nightmares II go right now, the reveal trailer that’s embedded above is the cream of the crop. It comes from gamescom last year, so it’s not new by any means; it’s nearly exactly a year old, in fact! Tarsier promises more about Little Nightmares II is coming “later this summer.” Given the history of the reveal and Tarsier’s European roots, there’s a good chance we’ll learn about a release date during this year’s online-only gamescom. It’s still scheduled for a 2020 launch on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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