Here’s a first look at the Burnout fanatic’s car of choice

Besides adding a fantastic new location to Burnout Paradise, the “Big Surf Island” add-on brought nine new vehicles, all of which are pretty rad for plenty of various reasons. But there’s one car that I bet 99% of players will never get to test drive, and that’s the P12 Diamond.

Before Paradise City met Big Surf, there were only 490 online freeburn challenges (hah, “only”), but the latest downloadable content upped that number to a solid 500. If you don’t know where I’m going with this, allow me to make things more clear: the P12 Diamond is obtained by beating every last one of those challenges.

While this isn’t new information per se, the folks at Criterion Games have released a video showcasing the “Big Surf Island” vehicles, and it’s probably the only time many of us will ever get to see the final, ninth unlockable car in all its glory. Look for it beyond the break and hope your face won’t melt.

[Via Joystiq]

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