Here’s a few codes for some free Pokemon Sword and Shield items


Nintendo has been rolling out some free events and other minor bonuses for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and there’s a new promotion in town.

Head to the Mystery Gift section of your in-game menu and enter the code “K0UN1NMASC0T” for free Level, Fast and Pokeballs. You can also enter “0KUGAFUKA1B0RU” for Dream, Love and Friend Balls, as well as “1YAHAYA” for Beast, Lure and Heavy Balls. Not bad!

These promos come from none other than “Ball Guy,” the mysterious and very creepy Pokeball mascot in the new Galar region. This dude shows up at all of the gyms scouting out kids to give Pokeballs to with a smile. Nothing sinister there.

The entire concept was whipped up by the marketing team at The Pokemon Company, who are pushing this new viral character hard in a bid to get people to tweet about him. Well, the masses followed through, hence the trio of codes above.

Poke Times [Twitter via Reddit]

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