Here’s a closer look at Genshin Impact’s upcoming update, as well as newcomer Tartaglia

This game is pumping out characters

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Genshin Impact is going to be a hot holiday game as everyone picks up their shiny new PS5s and finishes all of their premium titles. It’s really easy to gravitate toward a free RPG that you can finish without spending money, especially if major updates are happening at a regular cadence.

As previously revealed, developer miHoYo is planning a big 1.1 update for the game, which is scheduled to arrive on November 11. At that time we’re getting more events and a new area, as well as more characters. Speaking of characters: miHoYo is giving us a peek at what’s to come with the trailer below, which shows off Tartaglia, the “cunning Snezhnayan” that wields hydro element (the site says electro, but this seems to be a misnomer based on his skillset).

Like most of the cast Tartaglia is flashy, capable of multiple playstyles both close-up and from afar. He’s described as “a velvet sheath that houses an ostensibly ornamental blade.” Studio miHoYo is dispensing the real secret sauce here, just like Riot Games does for new Champions: plussing up the characters and the lore to get people pumped for how these seemingly random additions slot into the bigger picture.

From this point on, updates will hit “every six weeks,” with “Wednesday” patches. It’s a good spot to be in!

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