Here’s a bunch of screens from the World of Warcraft Classic demo, which is finally live

It’ll take you back

The World of Warcraft Classic demo is out today for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket owners and you can play it right now. It features two zones (one for Alliance, one for Horde) from levels 15-19, which, back in the day, was a hefty chunk of questing.

I called it already, but it’s crazy to witness the lack of quality of life upgrades in real time. You know, like the slowly crawling quest text by default, leveling weapon skills (!), the one-hour Hearthstone recall, the less convenient flight paths, the frontloaded “kill [x] things” tasks. Alongside those time-warped concepts you get the benefit of integration, which allows full social options while playing Classic — and when it arrives in “Summer 2019,” it’ll be free with a WoW subscription. We’re all going to be experiencing the ups and downs together in 60-minute spurts this weekend.

For now, take a look at the gallery below, which showcases Classic‘s options and slightly upgraded but still very old school visual style. Yep, Barrens chat is still Barrens chat.

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