Here’s a brief glimpse of Chaos Rings’ characters

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Square Enix’s digital wing has today updated its Facebook page with a brief message from Chaos Rings producer Takehiro Ando. While briefly detailing the portable game’s story progression, he also shared a shot of the character selection screen, giving us a look at some of Chaos Rings‘ protagonists. 

According to Ando, the game will focus on four pairs of “charming” characters, meaning this screenshot only shows half the roster. Each pair of characters takes part in its own scenario, meaning there are four stories in total. Once you beat one story, you unlock the next, allowing you to gradually get “close to the mystery that overwhelms this world.”

This is one iPod/iPhone game I’m really looking forward to, and it’s part of the reason I recently picked up a Touch. Hopefully it turns out well, because it’s very promising so far. How about you lot? Anybody else interested in Chaos Rings?

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