Here’s a better look at World of Final Fantasy Maxima

From TGS

Let’s recap World of Final Fantasy Maxima, as some folks are having difficulty parsing exactly what the new Maxima moniker entails. 

In 2016 Square Enix dropped the very cute and surprisingly deep World of Final Fantasy on PS4 and Vita, but that wasn’t quite enough for the burgeoning fanbase. It arrived on PC the very next year, and just recently the publisher stated that it will be coming to the additional platforms of Switch and Xbox One in November of 2018. All other existing platforms (except Vita) will get the option to upgrade.

The Maxima version will include new characters, with special concessions for Final Fantasy legends like Lightning and Noctis. They’re being pretty vague about the whole thing but this new trailer straight out of TGS illuminates some of the changes visually.

Chris Carter
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