Here’s a beautiful look at the beginning of Abzu

We know water

Abzu is a game that we’ve had our eyes on for a long time. It’s the debut from Giant Squid, a studio with instant clout as it’s made up of key members from the team that made Journey. Abzu and Journey share a lot of the same qualities, but it’d be reductive and incorrect to say this is just more of that.

Zack shared his thoughts in his review, but here’s the beginning of the game so you can see it for yourself. Maybe the visual learners in the crowd will glean more information from this than they would from words.

If auditory’s more your style, me, Zack, and Steven got together to record a special Podtoid where we discuss our feelings about Abzu. Look for that in the coming days. Call it a deep dive.

Brett Makedonski
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