Here They Lie trailer is creepy, mostly monochrome, VR-compatible

The game is VR-compatible though, not the trailer

There were a lot of trailers at this year’s Sony E3 presser (and not much besides trailers, oddly enough), but the one they put up for Here They Lie was one of the ones that stood out for me. Not much is known about the game besides that it’s a “first-person horror game compatible with PlayStation VR”. The description on PlayStation’s Youtube page gives some more detail touting exploration of a nightmarish city filled with malevolent creatures while solving “the mystery of the woman in yellow”.

At least said woman will be easy to find, since large parts of the game seem to be in black-and-white, barring a bit at the end where what looks like a dude in a fedora burns through a movie screen. There’s a creepy antler-man in the trailer, as well as a bit where the player appears to be harassing a lady dressed in an evening dress and Hotline Miami-style pig mask. Weird.

Josh Tolentino
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