Here is what Netflix on your Wii will look like

While the 360 and the PS3 offer up a better movie watching experience thanks to the fact that they are HD, the Wii’s Netflix playback is still intriguing to many. For some of those intrigued the wait is over and we now have our first look at the Wii’s version of streaming Netflix video. As you can see it functions a lot like the PS3’s disc-based program, and sadly nothing like the 360’s superior downloadable one.

Instead of focusing on the acceptably long load times that could be caused by any number of random factors, I’ll point out that if you don’t own another system, this is a great opportunity, and it looks like they put it together well enough.

Despite having all three systems, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my Wii Netflix disc, which I will use once and then tuck away on my shelf forever.

Netflix on the Wii Features Some Nice Long Loading Times [Kotaku]

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