Here is the schedule for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ first raid, Castle Nathria

It opens a few weeks after launch

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is out on October 27, and in true MMO fashion, Blizzard is already prepping folks for the next big thing: the first raid.

As is customary with WoW, its inaugural raid will debut a bit after the launch of the game so folks have time to get ready for it and prep their world-first Twitch runs. On November 10, Castle Nathria will debut, which is a 10-boss raid located in Revendreth: the vampiric realm of the Venthyr covenant, which I am totally joining as quickly as possible.

On November 17, the Mythic version opens (the real challenge), as well as the first wing of the Raid Finder (LFR, or “looking for raid”) system. On December 1 the second wing will open on LFR, followed by the third on December 15 and the final wing on January 4. As a note, the first season of the game will also kick off on November 10.

For those of you who don’t play WoW, LFR is a wonderful tool that can basically be classified as “easy mode raids.” It allows everyone to use matchmaking to enter endgame raid content and at least see it and experience the story. For the hardcore players, they can still tackle the Mythic version and reap the rewards/glory.

It’s a win-win and I wish more games implemented it (cough Destiny).

Shadowlands: Castle Nathria and Season 1 Goes Live November 10 [World of Warcraft]

Raid Unlock Schedule (North America):

  • November 10 – Normal and Heroic difficulties
  • November 17 – Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1
  • December 1 – Raid Finder Wing 2
  • December 15 –Raid Finder Wing 3
  • January 5 – Raid Finder Wing 4
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