Here, have your very own Roogoo Attack trailer

I’ve been interested in checking out the new DS incarnation of Roogoo, called Roogoo Attack, ever since I first heard word it was coming our way. As you may already know, Roogoo Attack is related to the Wii release Twisted Towers (you can unlock new levels in each if you own both games). The trailer after the jump looks at the DS version, which offers 110 levels of play and, priced at twenty bucks, kind of looks like a steal.

We don’t have a solid date on Roogoo Attack yet, but we do know it’s coming out way sometime this Spring (if Southpeak’s product page is to be believed, anyway). Every time I hear Southpeak’s name, I think of my beloved Ninjatown, which has kind of put a glow in my mind to everything they release. Let’s hope Roogoo Attack is just as good … but I’m thinking it just might be!

Colette Bennett