Here, have some random Spongebob Rock Band DLC

Last Friday, we passed along information about this week’s Rock Band Music Store update, which included The White Stripes, Kasabian, and The Damned. Well, surprise — there’s more. 

Today, three additional tracks appeared on the Rock Band Music Store — Spongebob Squarepant’s “A Day Like This,” “Employee of the Month,” and “Ridin’ The Hook.” Also known as “exactly what you’ve been waiting for since Rock Band was released in November of 2007.”

This brings the total number of Spongebob songs in Rock Band up to (I believe) six, whereas the total number of playable Radiohead tracks is… two? And no Frank Zappa, Naked City, or Kelly Clarkson! What the hell, Harmonix?

[via Rock Band Aide]

Nick Chester